Top 10| Most Memorable South African TV Ads Part 2

Since we have such awesome followers we decided to do a follow up on our most favourable adverts. Special thanks to everyone who gave us their favourites on our YouTube. You guys are very vocal. If you are watching this Top 10 for the first time, we would advise you watch our first one, so you can compare the videos and tell us which ones are your favourite for our upcoming video.

Check out our first Top 10 Memorable ads below;…

In the first video people have noted that we have a lot of chicken adverts, well we like our chicken what can we say, but a lot of adverts that are memorable are around food. Food brings us together, we share it and we enjoy making it for others. You won’t find a lot of food in this one but these videos are as memorable as those that wet your appetite.

Here is the run down on the current Top 10;

#10- Ingrams Camphor Creme

#9- Fresca

#8- VW

#7- Telkom

#6- PostBank

#5- 8ta

#4-Brutal Fruit

#3 #2 #1 are our little surprise for you,

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Top 10| Most Memorable South African TV Ads Part 2

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